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South China Post Describes Manchester and Liverpool as ‘Easy Wins’ for Property Buyers

//South China Post Describes Manchester and Liverpool as ‘Easy Wins’ for Property Buyers

South China Post Describes Manchester and Liverpool as ‘Easy Wins’ for Property Buyers

South China Post have described Manchester and Liverpool as excellent places for property investment in one of their latest articles. The publication of this article means huge things for both cities’ property scenes as well as for property jobs in Liverpool and property jobs in Manchester as well. It highlights how these Northern Powerhouses have truly taken their place on the world stage, transcending their positive national reputations to form esteemed international reputations.

The article describes how property prices in Liverpool and Manchester have risen 4% over the past year compared to a 2.5% drop in London during the same time period. The article also highlighted how ‘there is a lot of foreign and government investment going into these areas while offering better yields and growth than London’ making property developers ‘upbeat on the growth prospects of the two cities.’

According to the article, the top overseas investors currently in these two cities are Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong. Hong Kong-based private equity firm Platinum Rise Capital Partners have made investments into both cities and Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Adam Simmons, states that ‘in terms of regional cities, Liverpool and Manchester offer very competitive prices compared to London.’ Murray Holdgate, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer also stated that ‘people are keen because there’s a lot of foreign and government investment going into these areas’ and that ‘regional cities are definitely more attractive than London for us mainly due to price point, growth and yields.’

The latest figures show that Manchester and Liverpool are definitely on the radar of overseas investors. South China Post state that in the second and third quarter, inquires from Chinese buyers for Liverpool and Manchester property saw ‘a twofold increase from the first quarter according to, a Chinese website for buyers of overseas property. Executive Chairman of, Georg Chmiel, states that ‘Both Liverpool and Manchester make a strong case for students and investors who appreciate the lower entry price compared to London and infrastructure investments.’

South China Post also highlighted how from 2017 to the beginning of December 2019, foreign investment in Liverpool and Manchester’s property scene hit a staggering $5.44 billion, with $103 million of this coming from Hong Kong investors. With Manchester and Liverpool being named within the top 10 cities in the UK to investment in residential property in 2020 by Real Capital, it is a safe assumption that these figures will show no signs of subsiding any time in the near future.

m around the world about how much Liverpool and Manchester are thriving when it comes to property is very exciting. It shows that these cities are truly holding their own in both the national and international property scene and acts as great exposure which will hopefully attract even more potential future investors. These two Northern cities are truly going from strength to strength each year when it comes to the property industry and property jobs so it is great to see this progress being acknowledged on an international level.

Written by Rachael Gray.

Rachael Gray is a Director at Clifton Gray specialist property recruitment company. Follow Rachael on linkedin or email to discuss current Liverpool and Manchester property jobs, or to find out how Clifton Gray can secure the best talent for your property business

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