The Future is Green: Eighty Eco-Friendly Homes in Manchester Given the Go-Ahead

//The Future is Green: Eighty Eco-Friendly Homes in Manchester Given the Go-Ahead

The Future is Green: Eighty Eco-Friendly Homes in Manchester Given the Go-Ahead

Leading Manchester-based property developer Beech Holdings have been granted the planning permission they need  from Manchester City Council to begin a scheme that will introduce 80 low-carbon apartments to the city’s property scene. Beech Holdings describe their strategy as creating ‘sustainable, affordable and high-spec apartments for new graduates and professionals in Manchester’ making them the perfect fit for this new environmentally friendly development. The company have also been quoted as stating ‘our apartments maximise on space and high quality products and materials to increase long-term durability and overall sustainability’ as these projects are designed with ‘Manchester’s tenants in mind.’

The residential scheme will take brick Victorian warehouse space including Mindel House as well as space on Bloom Street and utilise this 50,000 sq ft to convert them into new environmentally friendly living spaces. It is thought that these particular spaces are some of the last remaining, unconverted warehouses in the city centre, and therefore, the development will aim to maintain the ‘industrious charm and several of the characterful features of the original buildings’ to honour the history of the city. Beech Holdings are well known for their restoration of older buildings in the city with previous projects including other Victorian mills and warehouses within Manchester.

Once completed, the Mindel + Bloom project will produce 80 low-carbon one and two-bedroom apartments which will be fully furnished and completed to a hotel-like standard. Innovative features within the properties will include underfloor heating, bespoke bedrooms and kitchens and state of the art appliances from Bosch. All these design features are part of Beech Holdings’ commitment to sustainability as they strive ‘to create developments that work with the planet, not against it.’

The scheme will also include a full building communal heating system to aid lower running costs which will include heat recovery systems and air source heat pumps which act as a positive for both tenants and the environment. All these amenities feed into the company’s vision of environmentally-sustainable and efficiently designed apartments and act as an interesting addition to Manchester’s diverse property scene.

Beech Holdings have stated that ‘we are marrying Mindel House and 11 Bloom Street together, creating an exciting boutique residence in one of Manchester city centre’s best locations.’ They also went on to state how ‘we are perfectly placed to carry out this development as one of our key areas of expertise is transforming derelict, disused and unloved space into thriving locations for Manchester’s growing number of residents.’

The lettings and property management of the development will be overseen by Manchester Apartments, Beech Holdings’ in-house letting company, meaning that all elements of the project feed back into Manchester’s local economy which is good for the city and for property jobs in Manchester as well.

As well as the innovative design of the building, Mindel + Bloom also has the advantage of being within walking distance of some of Manchester’s best restaurants, bars and shops which is set to make it a ‘popular location for tenants wanting to benefit from Manchester city centre’s world-class amenities.’

The property world is constantly evolving, and Beech Holdings’ new project is a prime example of the future-facing designs that are continuously entering the market. This is an exciting project that will assist Manchester’s already eclectic mix of properties and it will be interesting to see if similar environmentally geared designs become more common in the property world as we move into the new year.

Written by Rachael Gray.

Rachael Gray is a Director at Clifton Gray specialist property recruitment company. Follow Rachael on linkedin or email to discuss current Liverpool and Manchester property jobs, or to find out how Clifton Gray can secure the best talent for your property business.

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